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NRI Legal Advisory

Specializing & advising on Disputes Resolution, Statutory Matrimonial laws/Divorce laws/Family laws & the implications of the Criminal Laws with major areas of International

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NRI Mutual Consent Divorce

Divorce, separation, annulment and child custody are various issues among NRIs, Indian’s Living Abroad. These issues become muddled due to the overlapping laws and confusion…

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NRI Wills Advisory

The Team provides the best & top expert legal advisory, assistance and help for NRI’s and foreign nationals in matters arising out of Inheritance of Family property and Succession arising out of Indian courts …

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NRI Legal Services

Non Resident Indians have the ability to file their applications for divorce in India but since the problem of communication and contact with their attorney is challenging, it can be a hassle for the prospective clients.

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NRI Surrogacy Documentation

Surrogacy is not a codified legislation in India. It is estimated that 15% of the couples in the world are infertile. That is a huge number. Surrogacy is a way in which a substitute is appointed in place…

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NRI Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements are not very common in India as marriage is viewed as a sacred and holy event rather than a contract between parties. The concept of prenuptial agreements is strange…

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