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International Matrimonial Law deals with Private International Law. The area specifically deals with relations between spouses on the issues of marriage, divorce and child custody. The Team offers the best & top expert legal advisory, assistance and help for NRI’s and foreign nationals in matters arising out of Indian matrimonial/Divorce/Family laws. The Team suggests & practices International & Indian family/Matrimonial/Divorce litigations arising out of Mumbai courts jurisdictions to minimise court house litigations and resolve complex matters via personal mediation and counselling, legal processes & disputes resolutions with systematic legal approach, counsel and advisory. The team has Top International Matrimonial Lawyer in Mumbai.

We Specialize & advise on Disputes Resolution, Statutory Matrimonial laws/Divorce laws/Family laws & the implications of the Criminal Laws with major areas of International Divorce laws and Matrimonial & Divorce litigations. Our team provides assistance on cases arising out of personal laws pertaining to divorce/matrimonial laws, dispute resolutions & child custody cases regards conflict of laws and issues arising out of private international laws. Our team offers the best advise to the client on every possible aspect of Indian & complex issues of Trans International Divorce/Matrimonial Laws, Child custody & women’s rights and litigations. The team comprises of Top International Matrimonial Lawyer in Mumbai.

The Team tries to help solve the issues amicably if possible with systematic legal guidance and offers systematic advisory. The team helps in strategizing and resolving complicated & disputed matrimonial legal issues as per law. The team takes proper court approach and does necessary legal paper work & processes as needed at the court house. The team has some of the Top International Matrimonial Lawyer in Mumbai.

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