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Marriage is an institution where two individuals with different views, emotions, opinions, become one legal entity in the eyes of the law. Often times, such different views, emotions, opinions are what lead to conflict in a marriage. A person is always of the opinion that his feelings are right and what others are doing is not right. We normally do not listen to understand but listen to be able to reply, forcing our thoughts, opinions on others without in turn, hearing theirs. Such instances bring a lot of conflict into a marriage. Ultimately, we are all different individuals and are looking to be heard and understood.

Although it is a small thing, often times it is overlooked by us. Thus comes the need for a counsellor or go-between the parties. Such an arbiter has the ability to understand both the parties equitably and comprehend the issue amongst them and counsel them accordingly. The Mediator/Counsellor is always impartial and can look at the situation in an impartial manner. This may in turn help a sinking marriage. In certain cases, the counsellors and mediators may make suggestions and give their opinion to help rebuild the marriage or repair relationships that have been fractured. There also may be cases wherein the parties have a genuine aversion towards each other for an assortment of reasons wherein the arbiter may through the process of mediation; guide, compromise and prescribe to separate. It is not always easy to digest but sometimes the marriage and trust has broken down to such a large degree that there is no hope for reconciliation.

However, in any event, reconciliation is the most sought for outcome of any mediation or counselling session. It helps address all the issues out in the open and brings closure to topics which have perhaps been buried and are leading to a lot of resentment. According to the type of the case, we also recommend counselling and mediation as means to reconcile a couple and to help them with their issues. This may be beneficial to the interests of the parties and may help save time, cost and stress.

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