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When a client reaches out to a divorce lawyer for the first time, there are certain things that he or she should be aware of. The divorce lawyer must make sure that there is no conflict of interest. The team offers the client Divorce Consultation in Mumbai. While some clients may want to quickly proceed through with their Divorce, only after consulting a Divorce Lawyer will they be able to understand the need of the situation.

During the initial consultation, the client may be required to bring certain documents. Our team prepares a brief questionnaire for the client to fill in relevant information regarding the Divorce, such as date of marriage, information related to physical assets/property and children. If the client has already made a prenuptial agreement with their spouse, our team recommends they carry it along with them during the consultation. The team offers stress free and hassle free Divorce Consultation in Mumbai to the clients.

After the consultation, the client may be asked to gather several other documents like medical records, employment records, bank account documents, mortgages and tax return records. All the assets, income and property the client owns with their spouse will help the Lawyer understand what is the client fighting for. The income of the spouse will help determine what you may have to pay in alimony or child support, or give the lawyer an idea of how much money you may receive from your spouse. Every information a client shares with the team during the Divorce Consultation in Mumbai is Private and Confidential.

You could immediately write to us or mail us on teamdivorcelawyers@gmail.com for immediate needed help /assistance.
Kindly note that you will have to bear the necessary hourly professional fees/charges for needed consultations and advisory or for any other legal assistance needed.

Prior to fixing up meeting/conference, you may call on 09322286663 or on 022-26111281 or write to us on teamdivorcelawyers@gmail.com for necessary fee structure and quote and / or to know about hourly consultation professional charges.

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