Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of all matrimonial proceedings. A maintenance application is filed by a spouse unable to maintain herself and is in need of financial assistance. Maintenance depends upon the status and the monthly earnings and the lifestyle of both the parties.

Maintenance are of two types :
Interim Maintenance :

A spouse or civil partner who feels that they need financial support in the period until their divorce is finalised, can make an application for interim maintenance. Interim maintenance, otherwise referred to as maintenance pending suit, is a monthly sum of money which is payable by one spouse or civil partner to the other. Maintenance payments can either be agreed between the parties themselves or ordered by a court following an application. The team offers the best Interim maintenance advisory in Mumbai.

A spouse can apply for Interim Maintenance once the divorce proceedings is initiated. The court will decide the Interim Maintenance term based on the needs of the applicant. Both the clients have to provide information relating to their financial status. A court may order one spouse to pay maintenance to the other spouse. This means that till the divorce is finalised or until a further order is made, the spouse who pays Interim maintenance will have to pay for the financial support of their spouse. Often divorce leads to one spouse gaining majority of the assets both shared, leaving the other spouse with nothing. In such cases an Interim maintenance for a time will help the other spouse survive for a while with financial aid. The team offers our clients the best Interim maintenance advisory in Mumbai.

Permanent maintenance :

Permanent maintenance is decided at the conclusion of matrimonial proceedings wherein the Court makes an order for permanent maintenance on a permanent basis. These orders are dependent on the facts and circumstances of the case itself and how the court ultimately finds the litigating parties as per the personal laws.

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