Genuine people in this team. The team is always real with you and never gives you any false promises or false time frames. The team was very real with me in terms of how long this case could go on and that prepared me for it. Reasonable in their legal fees & billings. Definitely recommended for all kinds of family cases.
Kulvinder Singh 41


Great group of super lawyers. Very disciplined, professional and timely. Great coffee.
Amit Sharma 37


My wife left me and went to London with my kids and has not returned. The team divorce lawyers Mumbai helped me file for divorce and even dealt with her lawyers from London. Today I and my wife share a good equation where we take care of our children mutually all thanks to the brilliant negotiating skills of the team divorce lawyers. Wonderful work highly appreciated.
Dinesh Oberoi 39


I had given up hope of ever seeing my daughters as my wife would not let me. The team divorce lawyers made sure that my visitation rights were not overlooked. I saw my daughter again after 3 years. So very grateful to the team.
Tushar Lila 44


The team was very effective & excellent in drafting my Will & advising me on division of my immovable assets. Thank you & good luck.
Ram Lal Gupta 72


Forever grateful to the NriDivorcelawyermumbai.com. They made sure that my husband does not get the sole custody of my beautiful children despite his best efforts and manipulations. I thank divorce lawyers Mumbai for resolving the child custody issues and now all of us are happy.
Tanika Gandhi 32


They are all a very smart group of lawyers very committed to their work. The team is operational all days of the year. I was very happy with the online advisory services provided. I highly recommend them for international matrimonial issues advisory. Thanks.
Heena Sheikh 36


Me and my husband fell in love and got married, the usual story. But then my sister-in-law started interfering with my marriage. We were so much in love but things had gotten to a point that my husband was not willing to listen about his sister’s interference. The team got me back from the brink of a divorce. Their fine levels of reconciliation and understanding saved my marriage. I am forever grateful to the team and so is my husband. They even improved my relations with my sister-in-law.
Dipti Chandra 25


My wife was having an affair with her doctor. This was not known to me when I married her. She refused to grant me a divorce and was demanding high maintenance all the while cheating on me. The team at made sure she did not get a penny for the same. The team was very professional and smart in their approach. They were timely and did not waste my time or make me go from court to court. They made my presence very minimal and yet I got the verdict that I deserved and my ex-wife now gets no maintenance from me. Thank god for justice and thank god for the team of wonderful lawyers.
Ramesh Gulati 47


I was so worried about my son. He got married to a vicious girl much older than him. When her behavior was not tolerated in my house of coming home late or using bad and foul language, she threatened to file a police complaint under 498A. I consulted with the NriDivorcelawyermumbai.com & the team was so helpful and prompt. They immediately set in action and today I can say that my son is happier with his new wife. These are the best lawyers to have in your corner because of the huge experience they have. They were ahead every step of the way ensuring my son had anticipatory bail and for filing for divorce in the event of any such disaster.
Mrs. Manika Arora 62


Bad home environment is so hard for children and I can say that because my daughter had started doing badly in school and had gotten depressed due to the constant fights between me and my husband. I had been trying to keep the family together for her sake but the consistent fights were worse for her. My husband and I separated through mutual consent and now we share child custody. My daughter has a happy content life all because of them. They helped me and my husband reach an amicable end and we are so grateful. The happiness of our child was their gift to us and that’s all we require.
Jayashree Vahare 33


Arrange Marriages do not always work out. They are like playing at a casino. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I was in a very bad marriage where my husband was abusive. The team was with me every step of the way. Through all the sessions, they lent an empathetic ear and were so kind even when I sometimes cried. I went through a really hard time but the team were my rock. Even late nights when I would call if my husband tortured me, they would pick up. I hope no one ever goes through what I did but if you do, do contact the divorce lawyers team.
Prakriti Parikh 29


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